Thursday, April 7, 2011

Top Coder

So I gave TopCoder a shot. I competed in a Single Round Match (SRM) tonight. I finished 9th out of 20 in my room (499th out of 758 overall) for Division II. There were around 1350 people competing. I really enjoyed the challenge and the excitement of this event. I will definitely continue competing.

I took my time on the first problem and I didn't have my environment set up correctly. I didn't realize until after the event was over that completion time was used to calculate the score. So I lost a lot of easy points as a result of my inexperience with TopCoder. I will be ready next time!

These SRMs are good practice for Google Code Jam (coming in May!). Hopefully I can post a respectable score at GCJ (maybe even secure a trip to the finals in Japan!)!

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