Thursday, August 13, 2009

Serie-X Web Site (English) is up!

In working with my friend and colleague Martin Rommler, we translated the Serie-X web pages from German to English. I can't take too much credit for the translation as Martin did the bulk of the work. He is fluent in German and English, but he is not a native English speaker. He took the German web pages and translated them to English in a way that allowed me to understand the meaning of the text. I then reworded his translations.

Here's the announcement of the english version of the website:

It's exciting to see my name in the credits :)

What is Serie-X?
Serie-X is an organization that's primary focus is creating awareness of child sexual abuse. Here is an excerpt from the web site (

Serie-X e.V.
Fathers creating symbols against child sexual abuse.

In Germany, a child is sexually abused every 30 minutes!

Child sexual abuse often occurs in a close trusting loving environment. It happens regardless of income or social status. In most cases, the abuse is not an isolated event. It often lasts for many years. The official statistics are alarming enough, but the estimated number of unreported cases is probably 10 to 15 times higher than what is reported.

These facts are motivation enough for the people who together created the Serie-X Project to bring awareness to this horrible crime.

Children need love and the felling of security. When children are exposed to this type of abuse they are traumatized their entire life.

Too many men are using their bodies to destroy the souls of children. The models of the Serie-X Project are using their bodies to create a symbol against child sexual abuse.

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  1. It appears a few of my linguistic corrections didn't quite make it into the final version. The webmaster will be promptly alerted.